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  • DP anti-condensation sealant
  • 3F Isolation Sealant
  • TP strippable terminal protective adhesive
  • HC Hydrophilic Cotton
  • RP anti-corrosion module
  • FP multifunctional sealing component
  • MF humidity-controlling sheet
  • MP Moisture-proof seal agent
  • PP pipe sealant
  • ST intelligent waterstop belt

TPM6+2 Scheme

A systematic solution to the practical problems of industrial equipment and station buildings

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Anhui HoFeG Electric Co., Ltd

A high-tech enterprise in the field of industrial polymer intelligent materials


  • For many years, Anhui Huofeng has focused on the R&D, marketing development, implementation and maintenance services of intelligent materials, providing safe operating environment for power facilities and distribution stations. Anhui Huofeng continues to conduct market research, and its products have been extended to power, communications, railways, new energy, aviation, military and other industries.
  • Since its establishment, Anhui Huofeng has maintained good cooperative relations with universities such as the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University, and has always concentrated on the research and development of polymer intelligent ……

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  • · Our independent research and development, production, sales as one
  • · Our products are comprehensive
  • · We are a high-tech enterprise
  • · We are listed companies
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The performance and advantages of Firepeak HC hydrophilic cotton
The performance and advantages of Firepeak HC hydrophilic cotton
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QHow to cure “sweating” short circuit of equipment in high temperature and high h
QThe relative humidity is 80%. How to successfully prevent condensation in high h
QWhy is the secondary chamber still condensation like this after sealed?
AOne late night in the middle of winter, the central control room of a power supply company received the fault alarm signal from #01 and #02 closures at the same time.
QWhat advantages of DP anti-condensation sealant compared with fire-resistant mud
AAt present, there are many sealing materials on the market, and fire-resistant mud is the most widely used.
QWhat are differences between DP anti-condensation sealant and MP moisture-proof
AMP moisture-proof seal agent and DP anti-condensation sealant are both materials composed of highly active chemical substances.
QQ&A on product application
AAs our customer base grows stronger and the application fields involved become wider and wider, in the face of more consultations from customers in different industries,

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